Educator Programs

Global Leadership Summer Institute

Increase youth engagement, responsibility, and achievement at GV’s one-week intensive, interactive and collaborative professional development institute!

The Global Leadership Summer Institute is a one week intensive program for K12 educators. The program teaches Global Leadership and Democratic Classroom pedagogy, approaches and content, and provides time to apply the concepts during the institute. Participants are then encouraged to apply these new practices in the post-institute Professional Learning Community. Learn more here.

“Interactive program with real materials, skilled presenters, and enthusiastic participants. I’m so glad that there’s going to be a follow up!”— Gretchen Mahon, high school teacher

Global Leadership One-Day Workshop

This one-day–long course will build upon concepts learned in the week long GLSI workshop and focus on refining teachers’ skill in building effective class meetings and class jobs as well as build a deeper understanding of Adlerian principles in order to improve the way teachers react “in the moment”. Principles covered include, 4 mistaken goals, logical & natural consequences, putting them in the same boat, and other Adlerian concepts that participants bring up. The workshop will include minimal presentation time by facilitator Chris Fontana and instead, provide ample time for role playing, practical discussion, and hands on application of the tools and concepts covered in the workshop. Learn more here.

Global Leadership and the Democratic Classroom 101 and 201

Global Leadership and the Democratic Classroom 101 and 201 are offered to schools and educational service districts as half-day or full-day workshops, as well as multi-day professional learning programs. Follow-up coaching is available. Learn more here.

Global Leadership – High School Course

Global Leadership is a semester long high school course offered by the Seattle School District. Students taking the course will receive one World History III credit. Learn more here.