Greg Wilson

Name: Greg Wilson

Participation Year(s): 2007

Current Role: Financial Analyst

3 Words to Describe GV: Civic Duty, Impactful, Globally Aware

“GV opened my eyes to the importance of social justice in the global world we all live in.”

Greg Wilson entered high school in 2007 as many other young men do – excited about sports. Only a year later, Greg’s outlook on life changed forever. After the completion of the year-long program with Global Visionaries and the capstone trip to Guatemala, Greg’s worldview blossomed. Instead of caring about the latest pair of Jordan basketball shoes, he realized his passion had shifted to civic duty, empathy, and leadership.

“GV fills a need in society to identify young, passionate students that are civically engaged and globally aware.”

Growing up as a racially mixed man, Greg greatly appreciates the emphasis Global Visionaries puts on racial and socioeconomic diversity. He credits that emphasis to choosing a career with a company who shares similar values. Greg is now a successful financial analyst in Seattle and he still carries the values he learned through Global Visionaries with him every day. Global Visionaries taught him how to be confident, decisive, and patient.

“Looking back on the experiences that have carved my path and my growth as a global citizen and shaping the man I hope to become; I can confidently say that joining GV was the most impactful experience of my life.”

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