Molly Freed

Name: Molly Freed

Participation Year(s): 2009-2010

Current Role: International Policy Coordinator

3 Words to Describe GV: Connection, Leadership, Transformation

“The true magic was that a bunch of kids could sit around and discuss institutional oppression for hours, and then stay up late laughing until they cried.”

Molly Freed went into Global Visionaries as many participants do – excited to meet new people and gain leadership skills. Not only did the program exceed those expectations, but she found a passion that would follow her into adulthood and shape her career. In high school, Molly help create the World Water Week, which had 300 students teaming up with international teachers and a nonprofit to highlight the significance of being a conscientious water user.

“The way I learned to look at the world in GV is still very much in play during my daily life.”

Molly is now a Policy Coordinator who works in water resource management and still plans events like World Water Week, but now on a much larger scale. This year Molly helped plan the Net Positive Water Summit, an international one-night event that invited participants to take a deep dive into practical and sustainable water solutions. It was one of Global Visionaries’ Culture Nights made her realize the importance of water conservation. Participants sat in a circle with their eyes closed, listening to the youth leader. The leader poured popcorn kernels into a metal pot. Each kernel equaled one gallon of water. The first pour represented the amount of water the average resident of Antigua used in one week, the second a resident in Seattle. The difference was a smattering of clangs versus an avalanche that lasted for minutes. It aroused a sense of duty in Molly and she’s followed that feeling ever since.

“GV set me on a path of social justice and environmentalism, of being a global citizen but rooting myself in this city and its unique challenges.”

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