Phillip Bruan

Name: Phillip Bruan

Participation Year(s): 2008, 2010

Current Role: International Policy Worker

3 Words to Describe GV: Foundational, Empowering, Joy

“GV taught me the ability to recognize difference and diversity in an empowering and constructive way.”

Phillip Bruan’s time with Global Visionaries guided him towards his true passion – travelling and helping those less fortunate than him. During Phillip’s visit to Guatemala, his homestay mother taught him about compassion and friendship. He remembers the care she put into their home-cooked meals and how lovingly she would response to his goofy gestures and broken Spanish in an effort to communicate. These awkward, but enjoyable moments showed Phillip that seeking the path less travelled and getting out of his comfort zone can fulfill life in a way that is unique and vibrant.

“I have found my love for culture and traveling as a life calling and ability to exit my comfort zone in different places.”

Phillip is now traveling the world with a goal to visit 30 countries before the end of next year. When he’s not traveling he’s in the Philippines, aiming to build a platform to speak on behalf of disadvantaged youth in the country. Before pursuing his dreams of travelling, Phillip studied in law school. He soon realized that he lacked a sense of fulfillment. Phillip’s time at Global Visionaries sparked a sense of global citizenship. His time with program opened his eyes to his privilege as a U.S. citizen and college graduate. He found that it is necessary to engage in constructive conversations to tear walls down and help communities overcome systematic oppression. Phillip’s still using that awareness and passion today in his efforts to give a voice to orphaned and vulnerable children in the northern provinces of the Philippines.

“GV opened up my eyes to my responsibility and obligation to the world around me.”

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