Richard Wang

Name: Richard Wang

Participation Year(s): 2014-2016

Current Role: Seattle Branch Manager – Social Diversity for Children with Disabilities

3 Words to Describe GV: Empowering, Leadership, Compassion

“I realized that GV became my family when I could look around and see the same love shining through each pair of eyes.”

Richard Wang best summarizes his time in Global Visionaries with one word: Family. After working hours under less-than-ideal weather conditions besides his Global Visionaries peers, Richard realized he had created a strong bond of fellowship. Not only did he learn about the world, its injustices, and what he can do to affect positive change, but Richard also learned about tolerance and acceptance. He remembers looking around a large Global Visionaries circle and seeing only love in everyone’s eyes – no judgement, only continual acceptance.

“Hearing about everyone else’s experiences in life helped me understand that everyone around me is not perfect.”

Richard is now a sophomore at the University of Washington, pursuing Electrical Engineering and Pre-medicine. He is also the branch manager of the Social Diversity for Children with Disabilities, a Seattle-based nonprofit. Richard credits Global Visionaries for encouraging him to join the organization, saying he wanted to continue giving back to the community after his time in the program. This passion was awakened as part of his volunteer work in Guatemala. Richard visited a hospital where children with disabilities were left behind. His initial reaction was fear, fear of doing or saying the wrong thing. However, Richard pushed through when he made eye contact with a particular patient. Against his fear-riddled intuition, he went over to greet her. Upon a quick pat of the hand, Richard knew his doubts were baseless. The patient couldn’t talk, but her smile said it all. Global Visionaries taught Richard how to push passed his fears and break down internal barriers to achieve true interpersonal connections.

“I did not realize I could attain my own dreams until my last year in GV when the continual support I received allowed me to realize the potential I had within myself.”

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