GV Store

The GV store is now closed. Check back soon for updates.

Support our youth participants with your purchase of Chinook Books, wreaths, and garlands.

If you wish to contribute to a student’s account without purchasing items, please visit the student payment page.

Chinook Coupon Book

This enhanced collection of coupons helps you save money at local businesses that do good things for the environment.

Chinook Book print and mobile editions provide you with thousands of dollars’ worth of fantastic coupons from local NW businesses that care about sustainable living:

  • area farmers markets
  • recycling vendors,
  • local biking & transit merchants,
  • clean energy & green home suppliers.

Click here for a list of dining, entertainment, fashion, gifts, home, garden, local grocery, travel, recreation, and well-being products and services.

Buy the print or mobile editions now (or a handy combination of both!) by December 5, 2016!

Wreath and Garland 

We partner with a local company called Evergreen Wreaths to provide you fresh, handmade wreaths and garlands.

Wreath Details: the wreath is fir-based, with cedar and juniper boughs woven in. It is decorated with cedar berries and pine cones. Each wreath measures 2 feet in diameter.

Garland Details: the garlands are lush and thick, wound tightly with no gaps. Each garland is 75 feet long.

Order your wreaths and garlands by midnight, November 17, 2016. They will be ready for pick up on November 21.

Why is fundraising essential for GV youth?

Global Visionaries strives to enroll students across all economic backgrounds in its foundational Leadership Program, where GV equips youth with the leadership skills necessary to address environmental and social justice issues within their communities. By participating in our fundraisers, you are helping a student begin their transformational journey of leadership and self-discovery and making the program affordable for all.