Bailey Wallen

Bailey Wallen is a sophomore at Nathan Hale high school and participated in the 2016 summer immersion. She became interested in Global Visionaries through the idea that one would go to Guatemala not to help people but to work alongside them. Bailey really appreciated how GV focused on traveling with an open mindset. She was surprised at how much respect and privilege she was greeted with simply because she was a U.S. citizen. This helped Bailey to greater understand her place of privilege, even when she felt like she had not earned it. Because of Global Visionaries, Bailey has gained so much more confidence in speaking her mind on social justice issues.

When Bailey is not at GV, she is a circus performer all over Seattle. She has performed mainly at Emerald City Trapeze and has written all her own acts. When she is not training she is studying. One day she hopes to go to college and travel all over the world learning about everything and anything she can get her hands on.