Billy Lopez

An Antigua native, Billy graduated in an accounting career in 2007 and is currently studying Auditing and Public Accounting at la Universidad de Mariano Galvez. Before becoming involved with GV, he was a regular teenager, unaware of the injustice around the world. In his last year of high school, he began to volunteer with GV, and was deeply impacted by the work he did constructing a school near his hometown. He stayed involved with the project for the rest of the year, adopting the school as his final project. That same year, he was invited to be on the Guatemalan GV staff. With GV he is a trip leader and specializes in cultural exchange, teambuilding, and leadership. He loves challenging paradigms and helping students develop a new way of perceiving the world during their learning adventures with GV. Of his experiences with GV, he says: “I’ve learned that education is the most important thing to make change in myself, and from this acknowledgement can extend change to my fellow countrymen, working together to build a just world. My dream for GV is to create the same opportunities that I’ve had for other Guatemalan youth.”