Kate Milne

Kate Milne was a participant in the Summer 2017 group at Global Visionaries, and she is a junior at Seattle Academy. She was originally interested in the program because of the possibility of going to a new country and becoming more aware of social justice issues. She is now a member of Global Visionaries’ advanced leadership program because of the experiences she had during her immersion to Guatemala. She is also very grateful for the leadership skills she has gained from the first year program.

Outside of Global Visionaries, Kate enjoys playing soccer, tennis, and running cross country. She also participates on her school’s speech team and applied to be part of the student facilitators team which is a leadership program at her school. Her inspiration for applying for this group came from the leadership skills she learned from the first year program. Kate is very excited to be part of Global Visionaries’ board of directors because of the real world experiences she will gain, and the chance of working with adults which is something new for her.