Vivian Page

Vivian Page is currently the Vice-President of Human Resources at TalkingRain Beverage Co. and a member of the Leadership for this fast growing organization; a Seattle Icon that has received numerous awards for excellence in several areas of business, locally and nationally. Thomas Tomasevic CEO of T2 Team Consulting and author of Six Word Lessons to Create Stellar Teams, has worked closely with TalkingRain Beverage Co. and Vivian Page and describes her as the driving force behind the amazing success that TalkingRain Beverage Co. has experienced. Vivian also consults with small to medium organizations on how to set an organization in the path to success through accountability. Vivian has passion for moving to the next level in all areas and also consults privately with families on disruptive dynamics and setting visions for new family paths. Vivian attended BYU and Berkeley, Haas School of Business and truly believes that a mind can continue to grow at any age as long as it’s open to feedback and implementation of new practices. Vivian was born in Guatemala and serving with GV is a thrill as she feels this is a great way to give back to her country of origin.