Youth Programs

Youth who join our program become members of a GV alumni network of more than 2,000 US participants and nearly 1,000 Guatemalan participants.

The Global Visionaries leadership program is a multi-year program that prepares youth to define and address environmental and social issues in their communities while becoming more aware of their global citizenry.

First Year Leadership Program

Our cornerstone program is a school-year-long program that brings together a deliberately diverse group of high school students from across the Seattle area to grow and work as a team of leaders. The program combines several components designed to frame local issues in a global context, including monthly workshops, weekend retreats, and community service days. The year culminates in a two-week immersion experience in Guatemala. For more information about the First Year Leadership program, click here.

Advanced Leadership Program

Students who complete the First Year Leadership Program have the opportunity to continue developing their leadership skills by joining the Advanced Leadership Program. Participants join one of five teams, each with a different focus, including facilitating workshops for their peers in the First Year Program, exploring the complex social and environmental issues that impact our community, and contributing to the operations of Global Visionaries through service on the Board of Directors. For more information about the Advanced Leadership program, click here.