Youth Programs

Youth who join our program become members of the GV alumni network of 1,391 US participants and nearly 1,000 Guatemalan participants.


The Global Visionaries leadership program is a transformational journey of leadership and self-discovery where youth enter as learners and leave as leaders. GV prepares youth to define and address environmental and social injustice in their communities while becoming more aware of their global citizenry. Our year-long program combines several components designed to frame local issues in a global context and culminates in a two-week immersion experience in Guatemala. For participants who cannot attend the year-long program, GV offers an intensive three-day workshop before the immersion experience in Guatemala.

Once in Guatemala, youth will work alongside local teens that have gone through a similar leadership program facilitated by our Guatemalan staff. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible for up to 10 language and 3 leadership college credits through Seattle Central Community College.

First Year Leadership Program

Our cornerstone program is a school-year-long out-of-school curriculum for helping high school students from across socio-economic circumstances come together, work as a team, and develop 21st century skills as they prepare for the culminating experience—a two-week cultural, educational, and service immersion experience in Guatemala. The program emphasizes community service at home and abroad while promoting understanding of global interconnectedness. We also offer a condensed version of this leadership program that includes an intensive three-day retreat and workshop before the immersion experience in Guatemala. For more information about the First Year Leadership program, click here.

Advanced Leadership Program

Students who have completed our First Year Program have the opportunity to continue honing their leadership skills through joining Advanced Leadership Program. Students continue to develop their leadership skills by facilitating workshops for students in the First Year Program, advocating to the community, and contributing to the operations of Global Visionaries. For more information about the Advanced Leadership program, click here.