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The Global Visionaries leadership program is a transformational journey of leadership and self-discovery where youth enter as learners and leave as leaders. GV prepares youth to define and address environmental and social injustice in their communities while becoming more aware of their global citizenry. For participants in the Chicago metro area GV offers an intensive three-day workshop before the two-week immersion experience in Guatemala.

Once in Guatemala, youth will work alongside local teens that have gone through a similar leadership program facilitated by our Guatemalan staff. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible for up to 10 language and three leadership college credits through Seattle Central College.

Important Dates

Information Night: TBD, mid-October
Application deadline: November 1, 2016
Orientation: TBD, mid-November
Pre-departure meeting: June 2, 2017
Immersion Trip Dates (Guatemala): June 16-30, 2017

Pre-Trip Program Components


Parents and students are asked to attend a program orientation. At this orientation, former program participants and staff will provide an overview of the first year program, go over important dates and forms, and provide you a chance to ask any questions you may have.


Students are expected to participate in fundraising for a portion of their own program fees. Staff will support you to raise 30% or more of your program fees.

Three-day Workshop

Global Visionaries offers a condensed version for participants in the Chicago metro area known as the Intensive Leadership Program. The condensed program is a three-day workshop that introduces participants to systematic oppression, environmental conservation, global citizenry, and Guatemalan culture and history. The workshop will be held mid-June 2017 in Evanston.

After the workshop, intensive participants embark on their immersion trip to Guatemala from June 16-30, 2017.

Guatemala Program Components

International Service Work

Building on the foundation created in Evanston, youth work with the Guatemalan youth on the following projects:

  • Reforestation projects
  • Long-term care hospital support
  • School and community center construction work

Spanish Lessons

Spanish school is a great way to learn more about Guatemalan culture while improving communication. Each participant will have their own teacher who teaches at their level. Spanish school is 3 hours after lunch every day for the first 5 days. Overall, participants gain over 150 hours of language immersion through homestays, work teams, and cultural excursions with Guatemalan youth participants.


While in Guatemala, each participant and one or two of their group-mates will stay with a local Guatemalan family in their home. Homestay families cook and provide traditional Guatemalan food for the students. The homestay brings participants closer to the Guatemalan culture and is often one of the most impactful immersion experiences for youth.

Cost of the Program

Program cost is dependent upon family income and scholarships are available for those who qualify. GV's goal is to allocate need-based scholarships to 50% of all participants.

25% of program fees will be sent to Guatemala to support our Guatemalan Youth Program and the projects that participants engage in during their cultural immersion trip as well as to support the scholarship fund for low-income and at-risk youth in our US program. This amount is tax deductible.

Estimated Program Cost

Program Fees: $3,390
Estimated Airfare: $900
TOTAL: $4,290

The below table will help estimate your scholarship amount.

 Family Income Estimated Scholarship Package Estimated Program Cost + Airfare
​$0-$15,000 $4,255-$4,035 $390-$540
$15,001-$20,000 ​$4,035-$3,835 $540-$740
​$20,001-$30,000 ​$3,835-$3,635 $740-$940
​$30,001-$40,000 ​$3,635-$3,235 $940-$1,340
​$40,001-$50,000 ​$3,235-$2,635 $​1,340-$1,940
​$50,001-$60,000 ​$2,635-$2,135 $1,940-$2,440
$60,001-$70,000 ​$2,135-$1,635 ​$2,440-$2,940
​$70,001-$80,000 $1,635-$1,065 ​$2,940-$3,510
$80,001-$90,000 ​$1,065-$755 $3,510-$3,820
​$90,001-$100,000 $755-$550 $3,820-$4,025
​$100,001-$110,000 $550-$300 $4,025-$4,275
​$110,001+ $300-$0 ​$4,275-$4,575
Application Information

Student Interviews

For student interviews, see one of the teachers/administrators below.

Kathleen Sullivan
Spanish Teacher
Room H402

Katie Kelly
Bilingual ParaPro