Global Visionaries Guatemala program – Saquemos la Clase del Salon (SLCS) unites and empowers young people in Guatemala to create a just and sustainable future through youth-led programming focused on teamwork, solidarity, and the foundations of international and local cooperation. The program provides youth with the tools to critically examine the social constructs that sustain social and economic inequality in Guatemala and throughout the world.

By examining Guatemala’s past and present from new perspectives, the youth come to understand the social and political forces that have shaped their reality and are empowered to embrace their role in shaping the future. The program was born out of the necessity to rebuild the historical knowledge and leadership experiences for our youth. The program develops the idea of “taking the class out of the classroom” and creates a platform for youth to become leaders. Every activity challenges the traditional education system and allows space for the youth to identify themselves as social change agents and leaders in this changing local and global environment. Collaborative leadership is what it takes to create positive change in our society.