The educators who attend our K12 teacher programs and those involved with our student programs (including traveling to Guatemala) stay in touch with GV and each other. In coaching sessions online and in office, and through our Global Leadership Network Facebook page, educators regularly share their experiences, learn and hone new skills, and explore innovative strategies to engage and inspire their students. We are all working in collaboration to help students become leaders who achieve academically and in their community to build a more just and sustainable future.

Peer-to-Peer Coaching

We host frequent coaching calls in order to continue honing and improving skills.

Social Media Networking

Network with fellow educators on the Global Leadership Network Facebook page.

Happy Hours

Attend a happy hour, hosted at GV’s offices. Our happy hours provide an opportunity to learn how to become more involved with GV, network with fellow educators, and meet and share ideas with GV staff.

Student Advocacy

1) Extend Global Leadership workshops to your school. Workshops are customizable.

2) Become involved with GV “beyond the classroom.” We are always looking for Trip Leaders to travel with our first year cohorts to Guatemala, as well as teachers to partner with during our program recruitment cycle.

For more information or if you are interested in becoming involved in the Educator Network, send us a message.