Invest in the leaders of tomorrow

Do you believe in the potential of young people? Is diversity important to the success of your business? Do you value investing in the future leaders of your business?

Partner with Global Visionaries

By partnering with Global Visionaries, your organization demonstrates a commitment to workplace diversity and leadership development. Your partnership enables us to empower a diverse group of youth leaders.

Today’s workforce demands a different model for developing leaders. Diversity and inclusion are key components in this model. Our program recognizes this, and brings together a deliberately diverse group of teens, who through workshops, retreats, and a cultural immersion abroad are challenged and empowered to discuss the social and environmental issues affecting their communities and in turn develop as leaders.

Through a strategic partnership, you can empower tomorrow’s leaders, connect with a diverse group of business leaders and community members, and motivate your employees.

Learn more about partnership opportunities below or email us.

Scholarship Fund Sponsorship

Bring together a diverse group of high school youth by creating a scholarship fund in your organization’s name. For more information about this opportunity, email us.

Event Sponsorship


Every spring, we invite the community to experience a bit of our First Year Leadership program at our annual auction. Guests have the opportunity to participate in two leadership development activities, led by our Advanced Leadership program participants.

Our annual auction brings together over 250 of the Seattle area’s business and community leaders. These events offer a meaningful opportunity for companies who value diverse leadership and youth development to provide their philanthropic support as an event sponsor. Your sponsorship ensures that 100% of event donations support our program and fund scholarships, which ensures the diversity of our program. For more information on sponsorship levels see our brochure or email us.

Employee Engagement Opportunities

GV invites your team to grow together and boost morale by participating in a single session or series of diversity workshops led by our Advanced Leadership program participants. For more information, email us.