Enhance your Global Visionaries’ journey by participating in both the local and immersion programs. The local program will prepare you to make the most of your immersion experience by strengthening your Spanish skills and providing you with a foundational understanding of social justice principles. The immersion will help you explore these topics on a global scale, while building cross-cultural relationships, and expanding your leadership skills as a global citizen.

Bundle your 2021-22 Pro Justice Leadership Program experience with the 2021-2022 Immersion Program.


  • Save up to $780 by bundling both the Pro-Justice Leadership Program & Immersion Programs.
  • Priority acceptance to the Immersion Program.
  • Priority given to your cohort preferences.

Apply Here! RSVP for a Virtual Info Night!

We are now accepting Bundle Program applications for the 2021-2022 programs. You can participate in the 2021-22 Pro Justice Leadership Program and the Cultural Immersion Program of 2021-22.

Click HERE to apply!

Applications for the 2021-22 Cultural Immersions programs will be accepted on a rolling basis!

Bundle Program Application Steps:

-Complete the application by the application deadline.

-Complete the student applicant interview by the application deadline.

-Submit your deposit by the application deadline. These deposits will go toward your program fees if accepted to the program and will be returned to you within 30 business days if you are not accepted to the program.

-If requesting financial aid, please submit your most current IRS tax forms (1040 or other)You will have the option to upload a digital copy of your financial information in the application.

Recommended: Attend an Information Night to learn more about the program

Deposit: $50 for those requesting financial aid $250 for those not requesting financial aid To pay via Debit/Credit Card or eCheck Click Here

Mail: You can also mail application materials (Tax Forms, Deposits, etc.) to the corresponding address:

"Global Visionaries Program Application (Applicant’s Name Here)" 2524 16th Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98144

Allow one week to process application forms and supplementary materials.

If you have any questions, please email programs@global-visionaries.org

Learn more about the Cultural Immersion Program dates and components here!

Learn more about the Pro Justice Leadership Program dates and components here!

Upcoming Information Nights for Local & Immersion Programs!

9/28, 10/14, 10/20 online and 10/6 in person at 6:00-7:30 PM

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The Bundle Program cost ranges from $400 - $4,850.

The information below will help you estimate your total program cost. Program cost is based on a sliding scale in order to increase equity and accessibility of our program. Our scale is base on program cohort, household income, and family size.

While we cannot guarantee a specific amount of financial aid, we are committed to working with every family to make our program accessible and affordable. Please contact our program staff, programs@global-visionaries.org to discuss your situation, even if you feel that you do not qualify for financial aid.

If parents are separated or divorced, and you are applying for financial aid, please provide financial information for the person who claims the child on their tax forms.

Bundling both programs provides a discount of up to $780! Cost of both programs on their own:

Immersion Program Cost: $4,350 + Pro-Justice Leadership Program Cost: $1,280 = $5,630.

Bundle Program Cost

Pro-Justice Leadership Program & Immersion Program Fees: $3,850 + Estimated Airfare: $1000

Program cost range:$400 - $4,850

The table below estimates financial aid amount and program cost based on household income.


Global Visionaries works closely with youth and families to provide structured fundraising opportunities. These opportunities include: Guatemalan Coffee, Guatemalan Cookbook, and GV Reusable Mug sales, along with Wreath & Garland sales in the winter and Letter Writing campaigns year-round. GV staff will support you to raise 30% or more of your program fees.

Global Visionaries believes in student-led fundraising because: 1) fundraising empowers youth to take ownership of their experience, and 2) fundraising lifts the financial burden off of parents.

Please join us at a Fundraising Workshop to learn more about what options are available to you. See the "Important Program Dates" on either the Local or Immersion program pages.