Richard Wang

Name: Richard Wang Participation Year(s): 2014-2016 Current Role: Seattle Branch Manager – Social Diversity for Children with Disabilities 3 Words to Describe GV: Empowering, Leadership, Compassion “I realized that GV became my family when I could look around and see the same love shining through each pair of eyes.” Richard Wang best summarizes his time

Haley Lepp

Name: Haley Lepp Participation Year(s): 2009 Current Role: International Education Program Associate 3 Words to Describe GV: Thought-provoking, Empowering, Challenging “GV increased my ability to reflect about the meaning of seemingly mundane tasks in the world around me.” Haley Lepp joined Global Visionaries as a sophomore in high school with no idea what to expect.

Phillip Bruan

Name: Phillip Bruan Participation Year(s): 2008, 2010 Current Role: International Policy Worker 3 Words to Describe GV: Foundational, Empowering, Joy “GV taught me the ability to recognize difference and diversity in an empowering and constructive way.” Phillip Bruan’s time with Global Visionaries guided him towards his true passion – travelling and helping those less fortunate

Sara Schendel

Name: Sara Schendel Participation Year(s): 2007 Current Role: Physical Therapy Doctorate Student 3 Words to Describe GV: Hands-on, Leadership, Inspirational “GV taught me that with privilege comes the responsibility of giving back to the world.” When Sara Schendel participated in Global Visionaries, she got an opportunity not many other high school students had – the

Molly Freed

Name: Molly Freed Participation Year(s): 2009-2010 Current Role: International Policy Coordinator 3 Words to Describe GV: Connection, Leadership, Transformation “The true magic was that a bunch of kids could sit around and discuss institutional oppression for hours, and then stay up late laughing until they cried.” Molly Freed went into Global Visionaries as many participants

Greg Wilson

Name: Greg Wilson Participation Year(s): 2007 Current Role: Financial Analyst 3 Words to Describe GV: Civic Duty, Impactful, Globally Aware “GV opened my eyes to the importance of social justice in the global world we all live in.” Greg Wilson entered high school in 2007 as many other young men do – excited about sports.