Staff Members

Seattle Staff

Kristine Scott
Executive Director
Kristine believes that stories change hearts and free the funding needed to build programs that change lives. She took her position at Global Visionaries because she wants to join the effort to eradicate the false barriers created between groups of people.
Kristine brings with her to GV over 15 years in organizational management and 20 years as parent to two wonderful humans and a few dogs.
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Mario Flores
Program Director
Mario first joined GV in 2006 as a Country Coordinator in Guatemala. He brings to GV his leadership and management​ skills, knowledge of restoration, and experience in environmental education and community outreach.
Born and raised in Guatemala, Mario understands the importance of community involvement and collaboration in social and environmental justice projects. After studying Agronomics Agriculture at Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala, Mario joined an International Crew for EarthCorps, a Seattle-based NGO. This experience ignited his passion to continue working in environmental restoration as well as social justice and environmental education. Mario remained with EarthCorps as an International Crew Leader, and later spent one year as an EarthCorps Outreach Intern in Seattle. After completing this internship, Mario returned to Guatemala where he organized and managed an eco-service learning project. This effort brought together 35 international volunteers from the U.S., Mexico and Argentina to restore trails and a natural park as well as build a native plant nursery facility. Mario first joined GV in 2006 as a Country Coordinator in Guatemala. He was promoted to Country Program Director before then transitioning to the Seattle office as Program Outreach Manager. Mario was promoted to Program Director in May 201​​3.
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Elizabeth Caldart
Program Manager
Elizabeth grew up in Seattle and was a Global Visionaries program participant between 2007 and 2009. She holds a BA in Critical Theory & Social Justice from Occidental College in Los Angeles.
Since graduating, Elizabeth has worked as Social Media & Communications Coordinator for a non-profit that delivers mindfulness based curriculum to youth. She has also worked to empower youth as a mentor, tutor and coach and has published a paper in the peer reviewed CTSJ Journal of Undergraduate Research. Elizabeth is excited to return to GV and work in collaboration with youth leaders to create positive change. In her spare time, Elizabeth can be found making mix CDs for loved ones, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.
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Mia Stroutsos
Associate Program Manager
Mia is an educator, facilitator, and youth advocate who grounds her work in relationships. She holds a BA in Sociocultural Anthropology and Environmental Analysis from Pitzer College.
Passionate about supporting youth to be their best selves, Mia has worked with young people in a variety of capacities. From drop out intervention to outdoor programs, youth-led organizing, and running away with the circus, Mia believes in the power young people have to create thriving communities. Born and raised in Seattle, she is passionate about local issues and supporting community initiatives. She hopes that one day our schools will be designed to break down injustices, promoting equity and excellence for all students. In her spare time, Mia can be found learning new skills, reflecting, and searching for hot springs.
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Jennifer Jallos
Operations Manager
Jennifer brings over eight years of operations and administrative management experience with her to GV. She holds a MA in the Humanities from the University of Chicago specializing in Epistemology and Social, Moral, and Political Philosophy.
Jennifer received her BA in Philosophy and Legal Studies from Nova Southeastern University in South Florida, where she is originally from. Jennifer is passionate about encouraging youth to question, discuss, and reflect on the social, moral, and environmental structures they operate in. From her own experience as an at "at-risk" youth, she believes engaging young people in this kind of critical thinking will enable them to become more aware of themselves and the world around them, therefore empowering them to become leaders of change in their own lives and their communities. In her spare time, Jennifer can be found reading, working on craft projects, and exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest.
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Jessie Chien
Finance Manager
Jessie was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to the Seattle area in 2007. She is a certified public accountant and holds a Master of Professional Accounting from Seattle University.
After years working for companies and organizations of different sizes, she found her passion working for small, local organizations and enjoys growing with them. She believes numbers have a huge impact on decision making for executives and would like to provide quality work to help GV grow and continue fostering youth leaders.
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Guatemala Staff

Aurelio Hernandez
Guatemala Senior Director
Aurelio has worked with GV since 2003. Prior to his involvement, he worked with El Centro Linguistico, La Union in Antigua. He coordinates all on-the-ground activities in Guatemala, connecting GV with local partners for service projects and cultural exchanges.
He has worked in Tourism and Hotel Management since 1994, and holds a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad de Francisco Marroquin. Aurelio enjoys working with foreign visitors to Guatemala and believes strongly in the benefits of building partnerships between Guatemala and foreign organizations toward a common goal of creating a better living standard for all Guatemalans.
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Billy Lopez
Country Program Director
An Antigua native, Billy graduated in an accounting career in 2007 and is currently studying Auditing and Public Accounting at la Universidad de Mariano Galvez. In his last year of high school, he began to volunteer with GV, and was deeply impacted by the work he did constructing a school near his hometown.
Before becoming involved with GV, he was a regular teenager, unaware of the injustice around the world. He stayed involved with the project for the rest of the year, adopting the school as his final project. That same year, he was invited to be on the Guatemalan GV staff. With GV he is a trip leader and specializes in cultural exchange, team building, and leadership. He loves challenging paradigms and helping students develop a new way of perceiving the world during their learning adventures with GV. Of his experiences with GV, he says “I’ve learned that education is the most important thing to make change in myself, and from this acknowledgement can extend change to my fellow countrymen, working together to build a just world. My dream for GV is to create the same opportunities that I’ve had for other Guatemalan youth.”
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Eduardo Cordova
Program Assistant
Eduardo has been a participant and volunteer with Global Visionaries since 2013. He graduated with a degree in business administration.
Jose Eduardo Cordova Alvares was born in Antigua Guatemala and currently lives in Ciudad Vieja (Old Town) Sacatepequez. He has a passion for social and environmental justice and loves working with youth. Eduardo says he loves empowering young people because every person can make a difference and youth are central to positive change.
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Claudia Hernandez
Program Logistic Coordinator
Claudia Irene Hernández García was born in San Miguel Escobar and has been with Global Visionaries since 2013 after processing coffee with her family for 9 years.
Claudia values the strengths taught at GV, including leadership, integrity and honesty. She received a degree in Tourism in 2007. Claudia also believes that by stepping out of our comfort zones we can become global leaders. “Education creates better opportunities for youth”.
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